Portuguese sardines are famous for their taste and quality and our sardines in spicy tomato sauce is not an exception. The sardines in spicy tomato are similar to the classic in tomato sauce, but with a twist. Canned sardines and tomato sauce have always been a popular combination because the saltiness from the fish is a perfect match with the sweetness from the tomato. The piri piri, a chili which is frequently used in the Portuguese cuisine, gives it a spicy touch. A perfect can for those who like spicy food!

Portuguese sardines are known for being the best in the world, but they are also very healthy. The sardine is a nutritious little fish containing protein, vitamin A and D, several minerals and healthy fatty acids, including omega-3. 

INGREDIENTS: Sardines (Sardinella longiceps) (70%), Water, Sunflower oil, Tomato purée, Piri-piri, Salt and Sugar

Sardines tomates piquantes

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