Quinta Do Abibes

SINCE 1792...In the civil engineering preparatory work, a limestone font was found, buried next to the old granite lagar, with an inscription dating from 1792, currently exposed at the entrance cour-tyard. Subsequent research, with the valuable contribution of the Municipality of Anadia, allowed to uncover parcels of history of Quinta dos Abibes, then Quinta da Murteira, unknown to the current owner when acquiring the property.


Creating wines is, above all, working to build profiles of colours, aromas and flavours: in a word, build the personality of wines. The initial risk, when everything started with the land preparation, the selection of the grape varieties, the clones, the rootstocks and the orientation of the lines of vines to the sun exposure, covered the adaptive comparison of the elements that together make up a "terroir". And that was Quinta dos Abibes. 

Baga, Touriga Nacional and Arinto, exclusively Portuguese varieties, are the main structure of our viticulture, designed and directed to produce sparkling wines and still wines of superior quality. To which were added, as elements of universality and distinction, Cabernet Sauvignon and Sauvignon Blanc.